About Me


I grew up in Covina, CA, a compact little town 22 miles east of L.A. At least it was little when I was a boy. The last time I was there it seemed to be bursting at the seams. But my memories of Covina are all pleasant,and its motto is still “a mile square and all there."

Started in California
Moved to Houston
Moved to Austin
Moved to Kansas City, Missouri
Moved to the San Antonio area

Which is best? Depends.
California: crowded but exhilarating
Houston: humid but never boring
Austin: too hip but lots to do
KC: provincial but close knit
SA area: hot (really hot) but ordinary folks 
I would guess that’s all you want to know about me and about my travels (probably more than you want to know), so from now on we’ll get to know each other through blog conversations about books, money, ideas, and personalities.